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Cthulhu Through Amplification - Issue #1

First issue for the new Irish fanzine featuring in depth underground interviews.

80 pages, black and white, A5 booklet.

Absolute Key (Fin)
Aethyrick (Fin)
Arcane Voidsplitter (Bel)
Lyle Blackburn (US)
Cirrhus (US)
Colossloth (UK)
Deadwood / V : XII (Swe)
Exist (US)
Gourd (Ire)
Hellwitch (US)
Nocturnus AD (US)
Pando (US)
Phlegein (Fin)
Tunnels of Āh (UK)

Cthulhu Through Amplification Logo by Coffin Slave Art
Eddie Cthulhu by Therese Roche
Fanzine also features additional artwork by Droll Meadow.
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